SGMW Studios

Gear List 2012


API 1608 – fully loaded with 4x 560 graphic and 12x 550a equalisers included
Sterling Pro Audio Desk


Lynx Aurora 16 VT AD/DA Converter
Buzz Potion 500 Series Compressor
Buzz Essence 500 Series Compressor
Hear Back Cue System
Roland VS700 Control Surface


AKG 414 XLS x 2
Neumann TLM 102
Sennheiser 421 x 4
Shure SM7B
Rode NT1000
Rode NT5 (matching pair)
Shure SM57 x 4
Shure SM58 x 3
Audix A6

Mobile Recording:

Sound Devices 702T recorder
Sennheiser MKH 60 shotgun microphone


Cakewalk Sonar X1/X2 Producer Expanded
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12


Tama Starclassic Drumkit with Zildjian Cymbals and Sabian Ride
Right-handed American Standard Fender Stratocaster
Left handed guitars – Gibson, Fender, Gretcsh, PRS, Lowden, Ibanez, Godin…

For images and descriptions of guitars see here


Mesa/Boogie TA-15 with 12 Inch Cabinet
Mesa/Boogie DC5
Vox AC30 TBX
Fender Blues Jnr
Mesa/Boogie 400+ bass amp with 1×15 and 4 x 10 speaker cabinets
Genz Benz Shenandoah acoustic amp
Mesa/Boogie 20/20 stereo amp


Radial JDV DI
Vox Tonelab
Stomp boxes by Boss, Ibanez, EHX and Rocktron


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